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«Global shock»: The Hermitage lowered the flag of the Russian Federation because

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The Director of the State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovski, compared the damage inflicted to the Notre-Dame de Paris with human casualties.

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The national flag of the Russian Federation was lowered at the Winter Palace on April 16 in connection with the fire in Notre-Dame de Paris. The President of the Museum Union, Mikhail Piotrovski expressed his condolences to the people of France and called the incident «a world shock».

«All of us was by this terrible, heartbreaking evening and night; this is a global shock for all of us. We also consider this as a human tragedy» said Mikhail Piotrovski.

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Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire on Monday evening, April 15. The fire destroyed famous spire and most of the roof, but the church relics and the interior decoration was preserved. According to the official version, the fire was not intentional.

The fire in the legendary Notre Dame de Paris became a big tragedy for the whole world. Condolences have come from different parts of the world: trouble made people together from different nationalities and religions. The «heart of France» burned down — this is how world community called the tragedy.

There are bare walls in Notre Dame now. Luxurious wooden interiors and observation deck, beloved by tourists from all over the world, burned to the ground. In place of the northern tower is ash pile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences for Emmanuel Macron and the entire French people. He proposed to send the best specialists to assist in the restoration of the cathedral. Flowers and notes with words of support are carried to the French embassy in Moscow.

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