«The Scarlet Sails» Festival is approaching. St. Petersburg is preparing for a bright graduation show

The festival has become a genuine visit card of St. Petersburg over half of the century. This year — the legendary vessel will again enter the water area of the Neva.

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Ekaterina Ivanova tells us about the preparation for the show.

For the first time in his life Rutger Garecht will sail on a fabulous ship. Itʼs quite unbelievable that a son of a real sea-wolf has never sailed before. His element is music. And now the cherished dream will come true. A little captain Gray will take the legendary sailboat through the waves.

The young artist already gives concerts in the Kremlin Palace. But it will be his first concert in St. Petersburg. Rutger is going to sing at such a grandiose show, which has no analogues in the world. He will be performing on the stage in the open air, surrounded by megawatts of sound and light. He will be seen by thousands of spectators live.

Some of the performers have not become famous yet. But their rise may well begin at the main festival of graduates. The best of the best will get a chance to perform at the concert before the stars get on stage.

— «Iʼd like to meet Ivan Urgant, but I do not know what to ask him about. But Iʼll ask for a picture with him», — says Nikita Chegodaev.

Almost three hundred applications have been submitted. There are so many debutants that rehearsals in the non-stop mode go even on the street.

— «Itʼs such an incredible event for the guys, and, of course, they are very enthusiastic about it», — said Renata Abdulina, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Policy and Interaction with Public Organizations.

«The Scarlet Sails» is a unique show. And every year —there are some surprises. The light-pyrotechnic show becomes more and more complicated and dozens of stars and even ballet dancers perform at the concert. Dancers of one of the oldest theaters in St. Petersburg rehears between their tours and performances. They did not have such prime ministers. The performers are a little envious of schoolchildren who will see a classical story in modern style.

— «Before, there were no such moments. There was no «Scarlet Sails» for sure. At the Academy of Russian Ballet things are modest and archaic a little», —Elena Evseeva, the leading dancer of the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet House shares her impressions.

The very first school-leavers» festival took place back in 1968. 11 years later the project was closed. In 2005, thanks to the Joint-Stock Bank «RUSSIA», the magic frigate reappeared on the Neva again.

To see the brigantine under the «Scarlet Sails», guests come to the embankments a few hours before the beginning of the colorful show. Last year, more than two million people came to make their sacred wishes to the center of the city. «The Scarlet Sails» is a fairy tale in which even adults begin to believe.

Guests from different parts of the world immediately share their bright shots on the social networks. Petersburg graduation festival  has been recognized as the best urban event in Europe. Travel guides strongly recommend seeing the most magical night of the year. Spectators of Channel 5 will see live broadcasting of «the Scarlet Sails».      

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